6 Traffic Sources For CPA Offers

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CPA stands for “Cost per Action“. It’s an online advertising system where the advertiser pays an affiliate for an ad when a desired action occurs. Simply put you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action.

The “action” can be about anything, but usually consists of any one of the actions below:

Filling out a form

Getting someone’s zip code number

Getting an estimate or quote

Signing up for a free trial



Bing Ads – This is one of the most affordable traffic sources out there for CPA (Cost per action). Its (Pay per click) search, content network traffic, affiliate friendly and can be very affordable with as low as $25 to start.

7search – 7 search also offers search traffic. For most keywords, the minimum bid at 7Search is $0.01 (one cent), however, there are some keywords which have specific minimum bids.

Google Adwords – Not very friendly to affiliates when it comes to direct promotion but if you can create nice websites and lead capture forms with sales funnels it can work.



Mobclix – A large mobile ad exchange for your apps. Boasts higher eCPMs and more ad networks.


Social Media

Facebook PPC ads – Works well with many niches. Very strict in Dating, Weight Loss, and Gambling but can sometimes get approvals quickly. The targeting options at Facebook are like no other – you can target just about anything in Facebook.

Plenty of Fish – Allows very detailed targeting and works well in many niches not only dating. Many people can target right down to smokers, non-smokers, overweight, or married. Tons of options available to test.

LinkedIn Ads – Here you can target by job function, and global location mainly. Pretty good for many niches including lead generation in business and finance.

You Tube – Aside from the hundreds of methods to generate free video traffic you can also buy advertising on you tube.



Buy Sell Ads – A fairly popular place for people new to buying banner space. It uses a network type of atmosphere to connect webmasters with advertisers. You can target specific ad spots and websites.

Sitescout – A real-time bidding platform. You can add banners and target big sites in several different niches. $500 minimum to start.

Banner Garage – Similar to Buy sell ads, this is a platform for buying or selling banner space online. Good for starting out but you can probably get cheaper traffic if you go directly to the sites eventually.



To increase or create an email list of your own, one of the best sources to use is solo ads. Here are a few of Solo Ads sources.

Solo Ads Warrior Forum – Sometimes you can find good solo ads on the warrior forum especially in the JV section or classifieds section on the forum. Just do a search and you will find several people selling solo ads. Make sure you check around for reviews and try a quality test first if you can.

Online Solo Ad Directories – you can search around for solo ad directories and reviews and find hundreds of places to get solo ads. Click the link above for an example.



Traffic Vance – often named as the best PPV traffic source by many affiliates. They have very good reputation but expensive for newbies. They do require $1000 minimum and references to apply.

Lead Impact – easier to get started and approved, and requires only $100 to start.

Media Traffic – Another great source and it requires around $250 to get started.

Clicksor – I have never used this source for traffic but I hear some good things so I thought I would add this to the list.